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If you've done your research...

...Then you probably already know why you're here. With over a decade of massage chair experience and therapeutic design savvy, HiTech Massage Chairs is the clear leader in the industry. We've meticulously tested, tweaked, and re-tested every robotic, electronic, Shiatsu massage chair under the sun. We could fill encyclopedias with our knowledge of the subtle differences between Osaki's latest powerhouse or Panasonic's new knot-slayer. And of course, we've taken everything we like about those chairs, and combined them into some models of our own: the Superior line.

That's why we say we don't just know our massage chairs; we know everyone's massage chairs.

We offer recliners from the most recognizable names in the industry, as well as our own models. We have hand-selected every single item that appears in our catalog after a rigorous gauntlet of tests that pushes each chair to its functional limit. None of our loungers skimp on construction, materials, or motors, and they all feature best-in-class robotic Shiatsu technology and stellar craftsmanship. Not to mention our "bullet proof" warranties that are unmatched in the world of modern massage.

We are totally committed to providing only the highest quality, luxury-grade therapeutic chairs that WILL give you the relief and relaxation you need (with a number of massage styles including Shiatsu, Swedish, deep-tissue, reflexology, and 3D "finger" kneading and pressing) - but you'd never guess it by the affordable price. We're specialists, not sharks.

Now, if you haven't done your research yet... you've come to the right place. Our knowledge of contemporary massage techniques and technologies is beyond vast, and not only encompasses technical specifications and material considerations - we also know which recliners will look the most stylish in your living room, or be the most comfortable to sit in when not in "massage" mode.

Check out our comprehensive comparison charts to quickly contrast up to 3 chairs at a time and make the decision that is best suited to your needs. Read our massage blog, which is filled with useful information on everything from our products to massage therapy to new developments in massage robotics. And please, feel free to contact us at any time, with any questions you might have. We want to get you in a chair that's perfect for you as soon as possible, so you can start enjoying the ample health benefits of the most sophisticated massage technology around. Get in touch with us today; you won't be disappointed.

Interested in checking out our massage chairs for yourself? Make an appointment to visit our showroom in San Diego, California, today!

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