Tips Before Getting a Massage

The first time you visit a massage therapist, you may be unsure about the whole procedure. Preparing for a massage is a lot like getting ready to go to the gym and workout minus all of the huffing and puffing. Here’s what you should do to prepare for a massage as well as some tips to get the most out of your session.

Baby Getting a Massage

This is my first time getting a massage. Can you tell? (CC)

Did You Know?: Buying Your Own Massage Chair Will Pay for Itself in 14 Months. More info.

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Cost Comparison: Buying a Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

Some people wonder what the most cost-effective way is to find consistent pain relief. They visit their masseuse once a week, paying out for these services. After opening up your checkbook so many times, you may begin to ask yourself, “would it be cheaper to just buy a massage chair?” This post is intended to compare both routes, taking into account national averages and industry rates.

With an average cost of $4,0000, it will take 1 year and 4 months for your massage chair to pay for itself. With regular upkeep and maintenance, a massage chair should last 5 or more years so you will save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist


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10 High Tech Chairs that You Won’t Believe Exist

Technology is being used to change the way people leave a bazillion different ways. Nixie Wearable Camera Drones, bone conduction sunglasses, mouthpieces that detect impact force, and a home security system that uses Infrasound to detect home intruders. There are also some clever ways that design engineers are seeking to improve our seating experience, whether sitting in the office, gaming at home, or just enjoying a first-class massage.

10 of the Most Advanced Chairs in the World

1. Keyboard-Integrated Office Chair

Designer Edwin Cruz had a vision of a chair that would eliminate the feeling of being chained to your desk. Instead, he wanted to completely change the way we look at the modern workstation. The keyboard is split in half and integrated at the end of each armchair to put you in a more relaxed and natural position. This high tech chair puts all the technology you need right at your fingertips. Officially named the Origin Ergonomic Task Chair.

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All Your Massage Chair Reviews in One Place

Looking for a fair and unbiased review on the latest massage chairs? You’ve arrived at the right place! Doing your research is very important as there are so many different manufacturers, brands, and models out there. Not to mention, massage chairs can command a pretty hefty price tag.

I’m going to provide you with a list of resources and suggestions to help you along with your buying decision. At the bottom of the article is a link to a massage chair comparison char that will allow you to compare specifications and details side by side to make the decision crystal clear.

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Superior Massage Chairs Set to Release 2015 Luxury Model of the SMC-6850

Superior Massage Chairs has just revealed that it will be introducing new revisions to the popular SMC-6850 Massage Chair. The highly touted massage chair manufacturer promises to deliver a chair that is better than ever with improvements aimed towards creating a high end, luxury massage chair that will blow your mind.

SMC 685 Massage Chair

State of the Art Advancements

As you’ll recall, the SMC-6850 is a High Tech 3D Massage Chair with features like Zero Gravity Massage, Thai Stretching Function, and Heated Massage. Superior Massage Chairs has a list of features that will be enhanced this year with the new 2015 model.

  • Improvement to a high grade commercial foam that is more durable and long lasting. This high density foam will not flatten out like other chairs and provides an even better seating experience.
  • The ergonomics of the chair are being reshaped to increase overall comfort.
  • Through several prototypes, the company has refined the construction of the chair to create a seamless fit between your body and the chair.
  • The new 2015 SMC-6850 will “fit like a glove” and relieve seating discomfort in the buttocks, lower back, and adjust shoulder angles.

This chair massages your neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, and lower extremities. It’s a complete package with all of the bells and whistles. What’s great about the SMC-6850 is its concentration to the back massage. By far, this model offers one of the best back massages in the industry.

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Snoozing in a Massage Chair ..ZzzZZz..

Feeling the effects of a good ol’ massage will likely have you feeling a little sleepy but is it bad to sleep in a massage chair? Believe it or not, some people actually purchase a massage chair with the intention of sleeping on it. Although I love the feel of those robotic rollers massaging away the knots in my lower back, I’m not sure you would want to sleep in them. But that’s just me personally, I have a thing for my big comfy bed. However, there are many circumstances in which it would make sense for somebody to sleep in a massage chair and here’s a few of them.

  • Sleeping on an incline can help reduce snoring.
  • When recovering from surgery, some people are unable to lay flat on their back for certain reasons
  • Severe neck and/or back pain that makes you unable to lay flat
Man sleeping in a massage chair

Just ask this guy how he likes sleeping in a massage chair. You might have to tap him to wake him up! Get a laugh out of some of these reactions.

Sleeping in a massage chair is not bad for you and in certain cases, it can actually improve your overall well-being and comfort. Here are a few things to think about when searching for a chair that will be comfortable to sleep in.
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5 Ways Massage Chairs Help Lower Back Pain

Massage chairs work miracles by reducing lower back pain and improving overall bodily function. If you’ve never tried one, you might be skeptical and rightfully so. Even if they did help, you would need a good reason to justify spending that type of money right?

I myself have experienced excruciating back pain. I was lifting weights in the gym and I thought I had just tweaked my back; boy was I wrong. At the doctor’s office I found out that I actually had a bulging disc which is similar to a slipped disc but not quite as serious. Even so, I experienced significant discomfort, back spasms, weakness, fatigue, and tight muscles in my lower back. I understand just what you’re feeling and I can tell you that massage chairs do in fact help reduce lower back pain.

Relief from Lower Back Pain

Relief from lower back pain can feel like this! (CC)

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain:

  • Golfing – has been known to cause lower back pain due to the torque you use to swing a club.
  • Obesity – Deeper muscles along the lower back don’t get enough blood and nutrients that are usually delivered through the flow of blood that accompanies contractions from exercise. Metabolic wastes, like lactic acid build up in muscles of the lower back causing the aches and pains.
  • Stress – Stress, whether mental or physical, can wear on your body and directly affect your lower back. More on this here.
  • Lack of Stretching– 1,2,3,4! Stretching helps reduce muscle tension in your back.

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These People’s Reactions to Using a Massage Chair Will Make You Wet Your Pants!

Sitting in a massage chair for the first time can lead to some really unusual reactions.  You may experience emotions of awkwardness, pain, joy, pain & joy, confusion, or pure euphoria.  Please what ever you do, make sure you tweet about it.  We tracked tweets about “Massage Chairs” for the past 4 years. These are the best massage chair reactions on Twitter.

20 Best Reactions to Using a Massage Chair

1. You the Real MVP

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Help! Why Does My Massage Chair Hurt

If you’re new massage chairs is giving you pains, you’re not alone. Massage chairs take some getting used to. Sometimes, these chairs can apply so much pressure that it can lead you to give in, arching your back to avoid the pain. If this is the case with you, you need not worry. This is normal and it doesn’t mean that the chair isn’t a good fit for you.

My Massage Chair is giving me pain


Causes of Massage Chair Discomfort

1. First Session Blues

Many times, first time massage chair users say that the experience left them in pain. You know how when you work out for the first time in months (if you haven’t go try it today), you feel like you’re going to die afterwards. You get aches and pains in muscles you never knew you had. This is all because you’re body isn’t used to working out. With massage chairs and massage therapy in general, it’s just the same.

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How Much Should You Spend on a Massage Chair Realistically

It’s easy to read through an article pointing out all the things that you need to look for when buying a massage chair but how do you know what you should be paying for it realistically? It’s like sending your wife the auto parts store or sending Jim to go buy some makeup for you. He/she has no idea what they’re looking at and no clue as to what’s a fair price to pay.

Cost of a Massage Chair

Don’t be a robot when shopping for a robotic massage chair.

How Much Do Massage Chairs Cost?

Massage chairs can come in at anywhere from $700-$11,000 depending on features, component quality, warranty information, etc. Knowing what features are unique versus which ones should be standard will give you an idea of what class of chair you’re looking at. To get an idea of the latest features, I recommend getting familiar with these ideas:

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