10 High Tech Chairs that You Won’t Believe Exist

Technology is being used to change the way people leave a bazillion different ways. Nixie Wearable Camera Drones, bone conduction sunglasses, mouthpieces that detect impact force, and a home security system that uses Infrasound to detect home intruders. There are also some clever ways that design engineers are seeking to improve our seating experience, whether sitting in the office, gaming at home, or just enjoying a first-class massage.

10 of the Most Advanced Chairs in the World

1. Keyboard-Integrated Office Chair

Designer Edwin Cruz had a vision of a chair that would eliminate the feeling of being chained to your desk. Instead, he wanted to completely change the way we look at the modern workstation. The keyboard is split in half and integrated at the end of each armchair to put you in a more relaxed and natural position. This high tech chair puts all the technology you need right at your fingertips. Officially named the Origin Ergonomic Task Chair.

2. Emperor 200 by MME Labs

This is for those of us who can’t seem to unplug. Everything that you could ever want is at your fingertips. Gamer beware, it has 3 screens so you may have to grow another eyeball to get the full experience. This high tech gaming/work station places you in a state of euphoria, allowing you to focus on the day’s most important tasks…or just reading mindless stories on Buzzfeed. The Emperor 200 has a suggested retail price of $49,150.

  • Touch Screen Control Center
  • Air Filtering System
  • Modular design tilts backwards and LCD screens come down in front of your face.
  • Light Therapy
  • Electrically Powered Leather Seat
  • Watch a review below.

3. The Gravity Defying Massage Chair

Houston, we have lift off. The SMC-6850 has a Zero-Gravity Feature that leaves you in a state of weightlessness designed to take relieve stress from pressure points in your body. 3D Body Mapping Technology creates a map of your back to contour a personalized massage to the contours of your body. It will also play music through a built-in auxiliary connection that allows you to listen to your MP3 Player while you massage the world away.

  • Zero Gravity Setting initially developed by NASA.
  • 3D Body Mapping Technology.
  • Watch the Full Demonstration below.

4. Metronap Energy Pod

You know how I know these chairs are great? Google has these sleeping pods setup around the Googleplex so that employees can rent ($) or even buy ($) one of these high tech sleeping pods. So what does it do that’s so special?

  1. Privacy Visor let’s you get your beauty sleep in peace.
  2. Ergonomic Design reduces muscle strain and cradles you in the pod.
  3. One Touch i20 Technology allows you to choose from 20 pre-programming napping modes.
  4. Built-in Speakers drown out the worries of the day.
  5. Timed Waking System makes sure you’re not late to your next meeting.

5. Amniosense Multimedia Lounge

Designed by Emanuele Rodella and Paolo De Lucch, this chaise long features electrostatic loudspeakers, a cylindrical subwoofer that sits at the base of the chair, and a touchscreen LCD Audio Panel that makes for the perfect media zone. Lay back and enjoy the vibrations.

  • Electrostatic Loudspeakers for mid-frequency ranges.
  • Touchscreen LCD Panel that controls the high tech audio system.
  • iPod and Wi-Fi connectivity.

6. Climate Controlled Office Chairs

Ever been sitting down at the office and felt like your butt was too hot or that you were freezing off your tush? The Tempronics Office Chair is heated and air-conditioned to keep you nice and comfortable while you’re hard at work. They operate on about the same amount of energy as a laptop computer so it could actually save you a little money by not having to crank up the heat in the entire office. These chairs run anywhere between $800-$1,1000.

7. Responsive Backrest Seating

Teknion RBT Ergonomic Chair

Designed by Zooey Chu and Gary Bacon of Synergy Product Development for Teknion. The Synchro-Tilt Mechanism means that the chair is fluid and adjusts to your body as you move. © Teknion

The RBT Task Chair introduces a whole new genre of chair with back saving Responsive Back Technology. The chair back replicates the natural curvature of the spinal cord allowing it to cup around your body in contrast to the flat, board-like chair backs of traditional chairs. Think of it as Mom following you to school/work, watch your posture! The resistance of the chair back is adjustable depending on your body weight and comfort style.

8. Clam Shaped Sauna

High Tech Sauna

The Infrared Supine Sauna. © Hammacher

Everyone’s heard of clam chowder but how about “clam sauna.” Hold off on the silverware, high tech sauna uses 440 jade stones that have been traditionally been used as a Chinese remedy seen in heat massages.(LINK) An infrared mat lies beneath the stones, heating them up to improve the circulation in your body, help burn calories, and loosen up any tight muscles. No it’s not actually called the Clam Sauna; this is the Infrared Supine Sauna by Hammacher Schlemmer. Priced at $14,000.

9. Gravitonus Work Station

The Gravitonus Workstation has an ergonomic pendulum like design that places the user in ultimate comfort.  The chair reduces the downward strain on the neck and spine by re-positioning your body relative to the ground.  This high tech work station has everything you need to keep you going throughout the day.  You’ll feel every thing with a powerful sub-woofer built-in to the seat of your Gravitonus Workstation.

Tech Features:

  • Powered by Intel Processor
  • 3 High Definition Monitors
  • Built-in LED Lighting
  • Air Conditioning & Zone Heating
  • 5.1 Sound System & Integrated Subwoofer

10. High-Tech Sun Lounger

Remmus Sunglounger

Images © Remmus

Now this one’s not necessarily a “chair” but it qualifies to make our list. Do you enjoy sunbathing? Well do you enjoy it enough to pay $28k for a sun lounger. The Remmus High-Tech Sun Lounger rotates according to the location of the sun allowing you to stay put without having to move a muscle.

  • Built-in Cooler to keep your drinks on ice.
  • Charging Station for Smartphones, iPods, and other electronic devices.
  • Sound system built into the backrest near your head.
  • A water misting system will keep your body temperature just right.

Sitting is the New Smoking

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you’ll know that people are reconsidering the amount of time we spend sitting in chairs. There’s a list of ways that sitting can shorten your lifespan.

“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

-Dr. James Levine, Director of the Mayo Clinic at ASU Obesity Solutions Initiative

Among other things, sitting has been proven to:

  • Increase the risk of developing heart disease.
  • Increase the risk of obesity.
  • Increased risk of developing Type II Diabetes
  • Increased risk of Muscle Problems
  • Higher Risk of Depression

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