Back Pain in the USA

The majority of today’s occupations require a lot of repetitive motions – hours upon hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, standing upright in one position for multiple hours at a time.

With this in mind, it is no wonder that 95% of the American population today suffer from one facet of back pain or another. Repetitive motions overwork the muscles along your spine that are designed to hold your body upright. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day with improper posture slows the flow of blood, and thus oxygen, to your lower back and extremities. Standing upright for many hours at a time wears out the joints in your knees and lower back as well, creating a build-up strain that accumulates with each day of standing upright.

English: Illustration of the pain pathway in R...

Improper posture can lead to serious ailments later in life (Illustration of the pain pathway in René Descartes’ Traite de l’homme, 1664 Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back pain is a condition that will affect all areas of your life. If you’ve ever suffered from lower back pain, then you know that this statement is all too true. The reason for this, the back serves as the base of your entire body; it is the center of the skeletal system. When you have serious back pains, you realize that just about every motion of the body has an affect on the spinal cord. Whether you are bending down, reaching up, raising your arm, or going on a simple walk, your back is an extremely vital part of the body that must be properly cared for.

Simple tasks such as walking, sitting for extended periods of time, and even sleeping can become a struggle with back pain. For this reason, back pain has been correlated with loss of sleep due to excessive tossing and turning cause by discomfort. To maintain your health you should get between 7-9 hours of sleep, eat healthy foods, stretch, and massage out lactic acids from your muscles after exercising.

Back pain infographic

Back pain infographic via Design Infographics.

Back pains can include minor aches from joints and muscles and while seemingly temporary, can ultimately cause the development of long-term back pain. Though 95% is a whopping majority of the population with the same ailment, it may be surprising that the majority of people with back pain take no extraneous measures to relieve themselves of this chronic pain. What comes as a shock is how truly easy it is to relieve minor back pains – with so many different types of massage therapy products out in the market.

Perhaps the most effective and comfortable solution to such pains is home massage chairs, like the massage chairs we offer on our site. Ones with zero-gravity positioning allows the body to evenly distribute the weight across the entire body, temporarily relieving the tension that certain spots in the body acquire, especially the lower back and legs, after carrying all the weight of the body all day. What comes hand-in-hand with these affordable and simple back pain solutions is the general improvement of comfort in every day life. Thus, with routine relief from every day back pains, 95% of the American population may even witness an improvement in overall mood throughout day-to-day routines.

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