The Best Massage Chair Brands for Pain Relief & Healing

“A list of the Best Massage Chair Brands that feature all of the latest technology and a history of achievement.”

The best massage chair brands can be tough to dig up sometimes. You do a search only to find dozens of different brands being thrown at you. So, how is one to sort through the madness and distinguish which brands are legit and which are just knock offs? Use this list of the 5 Best Massage Chair Brands to help you decide on a trustworthy manufacturer that won’t leave you feeling cheated.

The 5 Best Massage Chair Brands

1. Inada – Inventor of the 1st Massage Chair

There’s no arguing with this one; Inada makes the best massage chairs in the industry, period. Mr. Nichimu Inada developed the word’s first massage chair back in 1962. Since then, Inada (recently renamed Family Inada in 2013) has remained one of the most recognized and respected massage chair brands in the industry. They have a state-of-the art testing facility where they research new ways to improve massage technology.

To this day, Inada is the only massage chair manufacturer that still makes their chairs in Japan. Inada currently produces 4 models; the Dreamwave, Sogno Dreamwave, Yu•Me , and Flex 3S. Inada has been a pioneer in the industry since it introduced the world to a whole new type of pain relief. Their chairs come in at a high price point ($3k-$10K) but they are very high quality chairs and are equipped with the latest technology.

2. Osaki – Mid Range, Great Quality

Probably the second most popular massage chair brand, Osaki has been around for years and offers some economical chairs and higher end chairs ranging from $1,400-$6,400. Osaki is still a great brand although slightly less expensive than Inada. Their higher end chairs offer all the bells and whistles and they are a reputable company that stands by the quality of their chairs.

Some of their most popular models include the Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity and the OS-3D Pro Dreamer. Osaki also brings new features to the table with their Accupoint Technology aimed to hone in on the benefits of Acupuncture.

3. Human Touch – Recliner Style Massage Chairs

Human Touch isn’t quite as big as Osaki and Inada but they still hold a considerable share of the market for a reason. Human Touch has been around for over 35 years and have a pretty robust R&D facility. Human Touch makes mid-range massage chair ranging between $1,400-$5500. Some of their lower end models remove some of the major features to offer more economical options for budget conscious shoppers.

Human Touch Massage chairs don’t have the futuristic look as some of the other brands. Their chairs tend to look more similar to leather sofa recliners with retractable ottomans. This doesn’t take away from the capabilities that HT has to offer. The Human Touch AcuTouch HT-9500x has all the standard features of a good massage chair; quad rollers, compression, Automated massage programs, and heated massage.

4. Superior Massage Chairs – Most Economical Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Superior Massage Chairs (SMC) is a new comer to this list but they’ve quickly proven that they are one of the best massage chair brands. This company was founded on years of experience in the massage chair industry. They’re a lesser known brand but you can tell that design engineers are in tune with every aspect of the production process.

What’s great about Superior Massage Chairs is that they offer the most affordable zero-gravity massage chair on the market (part of the reason I selected it as the Best Massage Chair Under $3,000). Highly regarded, the SMC-6850 has all the main tech features that the best chairs have including 3D Body Scanning Technology, Shiatsu Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. SMC invests the bulk of their focus on the back massage. Because of this, the SMC-6850 is one of the best massage chairs for your back. Superior Massage Chairs was actually the first to develop the unique Calf Stretch Function which was a completely new concept presented by this emerging company.

*Note Superior Massage Chairs is set to unveil 2 new models of massage chairs. If their previous model is any indicator, we may be in for a treat this coming Christmas!

5. Panasonic – Up to Par with Other Panasonic Electronic Products

Panasonic is a multi-national electronics company which also happens to make massage chairs. Although it’s the most recognizable company on the list, Panasonic doesn’t solely focus on massage chairs like other companies do. This is why they are not rated higher; other brands specialize in and have more expertise on massage chairs. Panasonic used to make their chairs but recently moved their manufacturing process to China a few years back. Panasonic is a trusted brand and makes some really great chairs like the MA73 and the MA70. These chairs range between $2,600-$8,000.

Panasonic offers human-like loungers that are comfortable to relax in. They offer features such as Swedish Massage, tapping, kneading, and Chiro Mode (a patented technology exclusive to Panasonic). As such a large company, they offer some pretty nice warranties and customer support options. This is another thing to consider when purchasing a massage chair.

Conclusion: What is the Best Massage Chair Brand?

All of the brands listed on this page are quality companies that you can trust. When trying to determine which chair is right for you, you might find yourself comparing 10 different chairs and still not being able to narrow it down. To be completely honest, many of the chairs on the market offer very similar features. It comes down to build quality, customer service, and the smaller features that you might want for a particular reason.

Using this list as a basis, you should be able to find the right chair for you. You can also use this Massage Chair Comparison Chart as a research tool to help find the massage chair that’s right for you.

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