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Looking for a fair and unbiased review on the latest massage chairs? You’ve arrived at the right place! Doing your research is very important as there are so many different manufacturers, brands, and models out there. Not to mention, massage chairs can command a pretty hefty price tag.

I’m going to provide you with a list of resources and suggestions to help you along with your buying decision. At the bottom of the article is a link to a massage chair comparison char that will allow you to compare specifications and details side by side to make the decision crystal clear.

Taking these spec sheets into mind, the last thing you want to do is make sure you’re purchasing a reputable brand (resources below) and that the company you’re placing your order with offers support and warranty that will protect you from any defects or malfunctions down the road.

Reviews on the SMC-6850 Massage Chair

Here are some reviews on the SMC-6850, one of the top rated massage chairs. The new updated model is set to be unveiled in early 2015.

“The features are so great! An electric massage chair that has the technology that will make you feel light as a feather while sitting, the built-in stereo speakers, the body scan and massage technology, you will really be tempted to take a nap while having your massage!

All I can say is WOW! I am really amazed by this one. Perfect for taking away your pains and relaxing.”

Alex Ellis

“I’m very satisfied with purchasing this product. Now I can always get a soothing and relaxing massage everyday at home. So far this is the best massage chair that I’ve bought ever since. It has a lot of features that really guarantees a superior massage not to mention the speakers where I can always play and listen to soothing music while relaxing. Best buy for me!”

Ashley H.

Consumer Report Resources

The best massage chair based upon consumer reports, various other reviews, and industry inside knowledge. Here are some resources you can refer to for information.

I recommend getting familiar with massage chair terminology so you know what features do what. Zero Gravity is one of the hottest new features to hit the market. You’ll want to be sure that you have this feature if you want the best massage chair for your home.

3 Things You Want to Be Aware Of

1. More More Doesn’t Mean it’s a Better Chair

Sometimes we get in the habit of associating quality with quantity. Some manufacturers boast more and more massage rollers every year, claiming that they have created the best massage chair on the market. While I’m not disputing these claims, you have to understand that the number of rollers can also create a headache down the road.

2. Dimensions

One of the largest complaints can be about the track of the massage chair rollers. Say for example, you are shorter than others. If you’re massage chair doesn’t have 3D Mapping Technology, you may have be getting a jolting massage to the back of your head. Contrarily, tall people have special considerations to keep in mind as well.

3. Build Quality

There’s the whole debate between massage chairs Made in Japan vs. those Made in China (I’ve covered this here). You might be surprised to find that Inada is the only company that still makes their chairs in Japan; all others (even Panasonic) have moved production outside of Japan but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What’s the Best Massage Chair?

Shopping for a massage chair can be stressful, which is the opposite of what you’ve set out to do. I’ve analyzed many of the most popular models to help you determine which chair would be best suited for your, taking into consideration your needs and budget. You can find these reviews by clicking on the link entitled “The Best Massage Chair Brands” below.

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