Cost Comparison: Buying a Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

Some people wonder what the most cost-effective way is to find consistent pain relief. They visit their masseuse once a week, paying out for these services. After opening up your checkbook so many times, you may begin to ask yourself, “would it be cheaper to just buy a massage chair?” This post is intended to compare both routes, taking into account national averages and industry rates.

With an average cost of $4,0000, it will take 1 year and 4 months for your massage chair to pay for itself. With regular upkeep and maintenance, a massage chair should last 5 or more years so you will save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run.

Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist


The Facts and Stats

  • A weekly 60 min session with a massage therapist will total $3,120.
  • A mid-level massage chair costs between $2,000-$4,000.
  • A massage chair will pay for itself in 16 months.

Annual Cost of a Massage Therapist

According to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), the average cost for a massage from a professional massage therapist is $60. This covers an average session length of 50-75 minutes. At $60 per week, your weekly massage therapy session will cost you $3,120! That’s nearly 80% the cost of a deep tissue massage chair for a basic massage.

The price goes up for specialty massages.

  • Swedish massages which are $90 per hour in metropolitan cities.
  • Aromatherapy Massages cost $130.
  • Hot Stone Massages start at $115.

It’s customary to include a 15-20% tip for your masseuse. This is added on top of the original base price, plus tax. Using the median $95 as the median, you’ll pay $4,940 per year for a decent massage from a therapist. Literally for $35 more, you can own a high end robotic massage chair for that price.

Now let’s consider the next scenario; you have multiple people in your household that would use the chair. If this is the case, you’ll make your money back even faster. On top of that, you won’t have a time limit. You’re free to sit in your massage chair for as long as you like (although we don’t suggest sleeping in your massage chair).

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Conclusion: Which is More Financially Feasible

You’re health is the most important thing in your life and by no means are we suggesting that you skimp out on your health needs but we still can’t ignore the fact that healthcare can start adding up. Massage chairs harness the power of technology and provide a more cost-effective means to find relief from aches on your body.

If you’re a regular massage therapy client, you can get up to date on the latest massage chair technologies and features that you should be aware of. Granted it’s no small purchase, we shoot to provide all of the information you need for to feel confident about your conscious decision to save money. Below is a list of resources that we recommend reading.

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