The Relationship Between Golf and Back Pain

Despite it being viewed as one of the lower impact sports played around the world, professional golfing can actually cause a lot of strain on one’s body.

In order to make an accurate swing, golfers must have the proper posture, which is also the main reason many professional golfers suffer from back pains. Keeping the same posture day in and day out puts enormous strain on back muscles, while the twisting and turning required to successfully swing the golf club increases the chances of back injuries.

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Golf can put a lot of stress on your posture (Photo credit: Fevi Yu)

Golfing has often been perceived as a leisure sport that does not require intensive physical demands. Contrary to popular belief, the torquing motion that occurs in your hips is one of the most violent and explosive movements. Your core is on of the strongest and most important parts of your body. Each time you swing, your muscles are twisting your back into a position that is it not accustomed to.

You may be surprised to find out that many golfers do experience back pains later on in life similar to other sports athletes. To avoid serious injury, make sure that you have the proper form on your golf swing, it will not only help your shot but can also help your body feel better. If something doesn’t feel right, you may want to sign up for a few lessons to make sure that your swing isn’t placing you at risk of long term health concerns.
Golf back pain.

As with any sport, you will have to stretch and do plenty of it. One simple stretch that you can do while you are out on the green involves grabbing a stable object like a tree, post, or a golf cart and using this to twist your back. It’s not bad too crack your back but excessive cracking can lead to further problems. Grab hold of a stationary object and stretch your back to make sure that you reduce your risk of serious back injury. Stretching before and after golfing is highly advised and a method of lower back injury prevention.

What can come as a rather convenient and efficient way to relieve these strains from a golfer’s back is having one of today’s most advanced and innovative massage chairs in one’s home. These massage chairs work the lactic acid out of worn muscles and relaxes the tenseness of the muscles that have been contracted for long hours throughout the day. Much like hitting a hole-in-one, these massage chairs are designed to hit the spot and relieve the strain that a golfer places on his or her back.Many of these massage chair designs even offer heat therapy to help loosen the muscles, while adding warmth and comfort to the overall experience.

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