Assembling Your New Massage Chair

You got the massage chair of your dreams; now you just have to put it together.

If you buy your massage chair online, you will definitely be receiving it in multiple pieces, and possibly even multiple boxes. If you buy a massage chair in a physical store, it may come in pieces, unless you have a flat bed pick-up truck or an especially large utility vehicle. Odds are, you will have to invest some time into assembling your massage chair on your own, or hire someone to do it for you.

Every massage chair will come with its own easy-to-follow assembly manual, and you will need to follow these steps carefully to make sure your chair is assembled perfectly.

robotic massage chair

Some assembly required. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, there ARE a few things you can do before the chair arrives to prepare for assembly. And additionally, there are a few common assembly steps you should be aware of for all chairs.

Massage Chair Assembly Preparation
First of all, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of space to maneuver the boxes and set up your chair. Boxes can be quite bulky, so it is probably a good idea to have a friend help you lift and relocate. If they have the time, it is great to have a friend help you assemble, as well. Be sure to reward them with cookies or a nice lunch!

Installing the Arm rests
Arm rests typically come separate from the chairs, and the seat and seatback are also separate pieces. You will need to screw these components together. The screws will always be provided, and oftentimes the proper tool will be provided as well (either a Philips head screwdriver or, more commonly, an Allen key wrench). However, if you have the tools already, it might be a good idea to use them as the tools provided by the manufacturer tend to be serviceable but not ideal.

Massage Chair Assembly

Here’s what your SMC-6850 should look like when assembly is complete.

Electrical & Additional Components
Also be aware that massage chairs have many electrical components; please use caution when connecting electrical components! Always make sure you assemble your massage chair before you plug it in and avoid touching open wire ends when putting your chair together. We recommend that you become familiar with these Massage Chair Safety Tips before assembly and operation.

You will not need to assemble the rollers and airbags, but be aware that they are present in the chair; handle the seat, seatback, and armrests with care, making sure not to rest too much weight on them while they await assembly. The tracks and rollers can be fragile if too much pressure is applied on them.

Massage chairs typically take about 30 minutes to completely assemble. If you prepare the space in advance, get your tools ready, and get the assistance of a friend beforehand, your massage chair assembly should be smooth and easy!

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