Massage Chair Features To Pay Attention To

There are a number of massage chair features that can effect your massage chair experience. Here are the top four!

1. Fluid Motions:

The best part about a massage is the human fluidity. This component is also highly sought out in massage chairs and people tend to enjoy their chairs more based on how fluid the motion is. The cheaper the chair the less fluid the kneading motion and the less range of motion. The more expensive the chair the more hi-tech the movements and quieter the motors. This being said you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to get human like motions.

2. Stroke Length:

This is a major massage chair feature to pay attention to when purchasing. Most massage chairs have stroke lengths that are rather narrow and don’t really reach problem areas such as the lower back, neck, sides, and shoulders. Really one would want a stroke length long enough to reach the problem areas without having to worry about it. The ideal length is between 27 and 30 inches. Anything more or less than that is either inadequate or a waste of space. Finding a massage chair that matches your dimensions is a critical part of decision making in the buying process.

3. Body Scanning:

This the most recent advent in massage chair technology and has become extremely important in the current times. Body scanning measures the curve of your body to allow the chair to focus on the pressure points that need the most attention. It can also accurately determine where your back starts and runs into your shoulders and neck. Finding a massage chair with body scanning technology will ensure that your new chair will work for individuals with a variety of different body structures. Without body scanning technology, rollers will not be able to detect where your back begins and ends. This is why so many outdated massage chairs ends up massaging your head; not comfortable! Body scanning technology also provides a more fluid motion, giving you the human touch sensation.

4. Kneading, Tapping and Rolling:

Kneading, tapping, and rolling are all distinctive features on a massage chair that serve different purposes while all working together to deliver a holistic massage that targets all problems areas. Never buy a cheap chair that only has one or two of these options; you want the whole package! Invest in a chair that has multiple modes such such as kneading and rolling and can perform them at the same time. This is usually achieved through the use of multiple motors working simultaneously. These functions mimic actual massage techniques like shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Super Massage Chairs

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While these four functions are critical, it’s also important to consider the price and materials being used. While you can take a trip to your local drugstore and find a cheap massage device that vibrates, modern massage chairs can go upwards of $10,000! Make sure that you are not purchasing an overpriced unit. Generally speaking, you should be able to source a quality massage chair with the a fore mentioned functions. We recommend comparing the SMC 6850 with similar models to see how it stacks up. Superior Massage Chairs currently manufacturers the cheapest massage chair with all of these features. Learn more about Superior Massage Chair products here.

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