Help! Why Does My Massage Chair Hurt

If you’re new massage chairs is giving you pains, you’re not alone. Massage chairs take some getting used to. Sometimes, these chairs can apply so much pressure that it can lead you to give in, arching your back to avoid the pain. If this is the case with you, you need not worry. This is normal and it doesn’t mean that the chair isn’t a good fit for you.

My Massage Chair is giving me pain


Causes of Massage Chair Discomfort

1. First Session Blues

Many times, first time massage chair users say that the experience left them in pain. You know how when you work out for the first time in months (if you haven’t go try it today), you feel like you’re going to die afterwards. You get aches and pains in muscles you never knew you had. This is all because you’re body isn’t used to working out. With massage chairs and massage therapy in general, it’s just the same.

You’re stretching, pulling, and vibrating muscles that have been stiff or held in place for long periods of time. This CAN create some discomfort in your body but nothing that you should worry about. After a few sessions, you’re body should get over the soreness and the chair will feel good if not amazing! Sometimes it only take 2-3 sessions, but by the 5th sessions there’s no doubt you’ll see a turn around.

2. Give it Some Time to Adjust

While you’re correct that massages aren’t supposed to hurt, massage chairs equipped with 3D Mapping Technology need a few moments to map out the geography of your back. 3D Mapping Technology means that the chair will take a scan of your map, measuring how wide and tall it is, as well as how far in the rollers should go for a deep tissue massage. This keeps the chair from massaging the back of your head and gives you a 100% personalize massage that is as close to human touch as a robotic massage chair can possibly come.

3. Adjust the Intensity Settings

Many chairs also give you the option of adjusting the intensity of the chair. If applicable, tone down the intensity until it gives you a deep massage without putting you in pain. You should definitely be able to feel the massage working out tight knots in your back, but it shouldn’t be so excruciating that you’re squeamish.

Conclusion – You May Feel Worse Before it Gets Better

Believe me, you’re not the first person to say that your massage hurts. Just check out this Twitter feed and scroll through the hilarious comments. So relax, the chair is going to have to break you in a little. If pain/soreness persists for more than 5 sessions, you can always consult your doctor or contact your manufacturer directly.

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