These People’s Reactions to Using a Massage Chair Will Make You Wet Your Pants!

Sitting in a massage chair for the first time can lead to some really unusual reactions.  You may experience emotions of awkwardness, pain, joy, pain & joy, confusion, or pure euphoria.  Please what ever you do, make sure you tweet about it.  We tracked tweets about “Massage Chairs” for the past 4 years. These are the best massage chair reactions on Twitter.

20 Best Reactions to Using a Massage Chair

1. You the Real MVP

2. Grandpa, You Can’t Sleep Here


3. Airport Massages


4. Girls Who Only Get Pedicures Because of the Massage


5. Mac Miller’s Massage


6. The Struggle is Real


7. Caitlin’s Mom Has Got it Going On


8. The Mom Who Takes Study Time Seriously


9. This Baby’s a Comin’


10. This Girls Who Thinks a Massage is Considered a Workout


11. Who Needs a Man Anyway


12. Erykah Badu’s Gotta Get it In


13. Love & Hate Relationships


14. The Jiggle Effect


15. I love you Mom


16. Apparently There’s Something About the Massage Chair Backstage on the Chelsea Lately Show


17. Rickey Smiley’s Got Gas


18. We Don’t Condone this


19. That Old Creepy Guy in a A Massage Chair


20. This Says it All


So What Have We Learned

We’ve learned that massage chairs can be sweet and sour.  They can be companions and life partners.  Your place of solace when the rest of the world is just a knot in your back.

You get to see some odd things at the mall, or in this case, sometimes you’re “that guy” or “that girl.”  Yeah, everybody’s looking at you.  But it’s okay to admit it. We’ve all sat around in a massage chair in the store as if we were really going to buy it. Trying not to let a smile crease across your face, making apparent the utter pleasure being administered to your backside. But above all people, never turn your back on a massage chair.

Let’s Hear Your Reaction! #MassageMoment

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse into the good life, you may have the sudden urge to head down to the mall, shove a few dollars in the feed, and get your massage on.  You can do this, just make sure to tweet your reactions so we can all join in.

Send us your funniest reactions to using a massage chair so we can add them to this list.  If not, you still might end up on this list!  Tag us @HiTechMassage

Let’s see how many people we can get to the mall and tweeting their reactions this week! #MassageMoment

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