Massage Chair Safety

Modern massage chair design commonly features a number of significant safety measures, and in general, these furnishings are very safe to use. However, as with all appliances, some precautions should be taken with your home massage chair, especially if you have children or pets.

What follows are a few basic tips to make sure your massage sessions are as enjoyable and safe as possible.

  • Many massage chairs feature child safety locks and shields that cover mechanical and electrical components; make sure the child safety locks are functioning, and the shields are properly installed.
  • Massage chairs should not be installed in areas of high humidity, and should never be placed outdoors. These increase the risk of electrical shock and mechanical failure.
  • As with all electrical appliances, before you install your massage chair, make sure that the outlet you plug it into is properly installed and properly grounded. This will drastically diminish the chance of electric shock, in the event of an electrical failure.
  • Massages are therapeutic sessions, but people with certain pre-existing conditions should consult a physician before using a massage chair: people suffering from acute neck problems (such as whiplash), persons with irritated or inflamed skin conditions, persons with heart problems, pregnant women, persons with spinal fractures, persons with aneurisms or serious neural or muscular concerns, and persons with low blood pressure (a side effect of massage therapy is lower blood pressure).
  • Massage strengths are often adjustable, but even so, people who are susceptible to bruising or clotting should consult a doctor before using a massage chair. The strength of the massage can cause bad bruising in persons susceptible to it if not used properly
  • Some massage chair systems feature headbands and other devices that come directly into contact with a user’s head or face; make sure to keep these components clean, especially if the chair sees multiple users, so as to prevent the spread of contagious illness.

    Massage Chair Safety

    Massage Chair safety is important! Image via Central Connecticut State University.

A massage chair is a beautiful piece of therapeutic machinery that has tremendous health benefits for people of all shapes and sizes. However, it is an electrical appliance that comes into physical contact with the body: some safety precautions are necessary. So stay safe, stay healthy, and stay relaxed with your massage chair, and enjoy it for years to come.

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