Why You Shouldn’t Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant

“I went into labor the next day after using a massage chair. I was only 32 weeks, and didn’t think about it. I was on bed rest until it was safe to have my baby. It’s not worth it!”

Although you’re aching in pain, there is a reason pregnant women should never use massage chairs. Some sources will say that there is nothing wrong with using a massage chair while pregnant but this is not true. There are essentially 2 reasons why you shouldn’t use a massage chair while pregnant; Pressure points and heating pads.

Massage Chair Pregnant Women Safety

As much as we would like to sell more massage chairs, Our Policy strongly recommends that child bearing mothers refrain from using massage chairs during pregnancy. Hi Tech Massage Chairs cares about the health of you and your baby!

Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

Although electro-magnetic frequencies do not cause as much vibration to your baby as normal body movement, you should consult with a doctor or midwife before using a massage chair while pregnant.

Most massage chair manufacturers caution women who are pregnant from using massage chairs. Osaki is one of the leading massage chair manufacturers and even they advise that women who are pregnant refrain from using massage chairs. You can read Osaki Owner’s Manual to see for yourself.

Pressure Points, Pregnancy, & Massage Chairs

There are several pressure points on the back that can trigger preterm labour/contractions. This is a serious implication that could lead to premature birth and other serious health complications such as bleeding, your water breaking, and being placed on bed rests for months.

Heating Pad

The heating pads on a massage chair can elevate the body temperature unsafe levels for women who are pregnant. This could increase your baby’s heart rate and lead to cardiovascular symptoms.

For additional insight, you can visit the page to learn more about Massage Chair Safety.


There have been many cases reported of women going into labor prematurely after using a massage chair. We pulled from various sources to show you some examples.

“I also had complications from a chair massager. I was only 30 weeks and spent 3 days in the hospital with preterm contractions. They got them stopped and then sent me home to deliver a week early. There are warning on these for a reason. Be careful.”
-Anonymous User

“I sat in one at a large retail store where they had a display set up before I knew that, literally the minute I stood up I began bleeding. it led to insane complications with my pregnancy that meant 19 weeks of bed rest, my water breaking at 17 weeks, and my daughter being born at 31 weeks. In my opinion they are not worth the risk.”
-Anonymous User

Alternative Solutions:

Massage chairs can provide more pressure than a traditional massage however you can get a normal hand massage while pregnant. In fact, several studies have shown that a massage boosts serotonin levels. Depressed mothers were given a massage twice a week by their spouse for a period of 4 months. Serotonin levels increased by 30%!

Make sure that you visit a prenatal masseuse who has experience providing massages to women who are pregnant. You should not get a ankle massage, deep tissue, or pressure point massage while pregnant! Remember, your baby’s health should always be a priority. A lifetime of love is greater than a 5 minute massage!

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