Hand versus Machine: Meet Your New Massage Therapist

We often envision a future where jobs are carried out by robot underlings, leaving us to wonder what jobs will be left that require a human touch.

Ironically, massage therapy could be one of those jobs that fall into the artificially warm hands of the machines. While being touched by a stranger may be appealing to some and anxiety inducing in others, almost anyone can enjoy the latest in massage chair technology. Advances in automated massage technology have produced massage chairs that are adaptive and responsive to each individual, rivaling massages provided by massage therapists.

Massage Chair Technology

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You may remember the first few generations of massage chairs; those one-size-fits-all chairs that shook knobs into your back, even where there wasn’t any soft tissue. Those chairs failed to adapt to the user. New massage chairs offer 3D body scanning technology, allowing them to detect your body contours and pressure points. This is made possible from advances in sensors and servo mechanisms that allow engineers to design more complex massage chairs. These chairs not only output great massages, but input the physical dimensions of your body to do so. This creates massages that put the chair’s rollers and contact points where they are actually needed.

3D Massage Technology.

3D Massage Technology.

Massages are great for relieving back pain and restoring circulation of both the circulatory and the lymphatic system. With more adaptable massage chairs, having this regular body maintenance is becoming more practical than visiting a massage therapist.

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