Obesity and Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a bothersome symptom of the ever increasing epidemic of obesity.

What scientists call "Overweight" ch...

Obesity can cause excessive strain on your lower back, putting more mass around an anchored, heavily-strained area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An obese body does not only increase the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes, but can also cause a great deal of lower back problems. Because the bones are responsible for keeping our bodies upright, having an exceptionally excess amount of matter to keep upright puts an unusual amount of strain on the joints, muscles and bones.

Due to lack of sufficient exercise, some of the deeper muscles along the lower back do not get enough blood and nutrients that are usually delivered through the flow of blood that accompanies contractions from exercise. Metabolic wastes, like lactic acid, thus gets built up in these lower back muscles, causing the aches and pains felt by many obesity patients worldwide.

A great way of relieving these aches and pains is through a simple, yet efficient routine of massage therapy. While having a professional massage therapist may become expensive, having an electric massage chair is a more affordable solution to having massage therapy…right in your own home.

Massage therapy is effective in relieving these strains on the joints and muscles by pushing blood into normally closed capillaries, and allowing nutrients like oxygen and blood to be delivered straight to the lower back muscles, while pushing the toxic lactic acid build-ups out. With regular use, massage therapy thus relaxes these tense muscles and offers a temporary relief to the pain ailments that plague obesity patients.Obesity lower back pain

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