The 10 Biggest Massage Myths & Misconceptions

Everybody loves a good massage but is this temptation leading us to misrepresent many facts about massage. There are thousands of myths about massage and massage therapy so I’m just going to focus on the main ones that are circling around out there, plus a few that you probably would have never guessed.

Are You Being Fooled?

1. Massage Spreads Cancer, Myth or Reality?

Can Massage Therapy Cause Cancer

The official stance of the American Cancer Society is this,

“While some evidence from research studies with cancer patients supports the use of massage for short-term symptom relief, additional research is needed to find out if there are measurable, long-term physical or psychological benefits.”

Most organizations believe that cancer is spread due to changes in a cell’s DNA (genetic mutation) and other processes in the body. Many people use massage as a way to cope with the symptoms of cancer. Because of this, some people link this as the cause even though there is no proof behind it. This is a myth.

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The Best Massage Chair Brands for Pain Relief & Healing

“A list of the Best Massage Chair Brands that feature all of the latest technology and a history of achievement.”

The best massage chair brands can be tough to dig up sometimes. You do a search only to find dozens of different brands being thrown at you. So, how is one to sort through the madness and distinguish which brands are legit and which are just knock offs? Use this list of the 5 Best Massage Chair Brands to help you decide on a trustworthy manufacturer that won’t leave you feeling cheated.

The 5 Best Massage Chair Brands

1. Inada – Inventor of the 1st Massage Chair

There’s no arguing with this one; Inada makes the best massage chairs in the industry, period. Mr. Nichimu Inada developed the word’s first massage chair back in 1962. Since then, Inada (recently renamed Family Inada in 2013) has remained one of the most recognized and respected massage chair brands in the industry. They have a state-of-the art testing facility where they research new ways to improve massage technology.

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Robotic Massage Chair Dictionary of Terminology and Features

In this Massage Chair Dictionary you will find a complete listing of massage chair terminology and a description of features. You can use this glossary as a reference for commonly used massage chair terms and phrases. Defined terms are listed in alphabetical order with some offering links to pages with more in-depth information.

Massage Chair Dictionary

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Understanding How Trigger Points are Stimulated

Trigger points are localized areas formed by buildup and deposits from chemicals that help your muscles recover. Trigger points can cause severe pains and even headaches. Many people lose sleep and suffer a living a lower quality of life because they don’t understand what trigger points are and how they affect the body. This article will explain just what trigger points are, what causes them, and what you can do for treatment.

Trigger Points Massage

What are Trigger Points

Trigger points, otherwise known as trigger sites or muscle knots, are parts on the body that are experiencing an overload of pressure. These areas of the body are hypersensitive and can cause feelings of intense pain to localized and/or broad areas.

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Massage Chairs and Surge Protectors; Why You need One

This is one piece of advice that can save you thousands of dollars; use a surge protector on your massage chair! It’s a simply plug that can add extra insurance to your massage chair in case of electrical outages, rolling blackouts, or increment weather.

Surge Protectors and Massage Chairs


Why You Should Connect Your massage Chair with a Surge Protector

A surge protector protects electronic devices from “surges” in electricity. A surge in power, or transient voltage if you want to get technical, is an increase in voltage that is significantly higher than the normal level. For a standard 120V American outlet, this means the voltage will jump higher than 120V.

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A Crash Course in Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Find out what a Zero Gravity Massage Chair really is. Zero Gravity was originally coined by NASA’s Skylab Program that initiated in 1973. Scientists with this space program discovered a position that makes the body feel seemingly weightless. This same technology has been applied to high tech massage chairs.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The History Behind Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

The term “Zero Gravity” originates from NASA’s Skylab Program that noted the effects that a particular position had on the body. They discovered that, at a certain point, the muscles in your body would become balanced. The effects of gravity would in turn be nullified, and the body would experience a state of low pressure on strained areas.

Astronauts assumed the zero gravity position to be able to withstand the tremendous amount of force exerted on the body when exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. Think about it, astronauts experience a maximum g-force of 3gs during launch. 9gs is enough to make you pass out. The reclined zero gravity position allows the body to disperse abnormal pressure throughout the body in a way that is feasible for astronauts.
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Massage Chairs: Made in Japan vs Made in China

Find out if Japanese massage chairs are better than Chinese massage chairs. “Made in China” always seems to get a bad name. You might be surprised to know that Japan used to have the same negative connotation associated with products originating from their country. I’m going to dispel all of the rumors and give you a clear understanding of the differences between massage chairs made in Japan and those manufactured in China.

We’ll compare based on:

  1. Quality of craftsmanship, design, and features
  2. Warranty and Support
  3. Price

Massage Chairs Country of Origin: Japan vs China

Being that the robotic massage chair was invented in Japan, many people search for massage chairs made in Japan. Here’s the Cliff Notes version for those of you who don’t have a short attention span like me:

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A Massage Chair for a Tall Person

“Massage chairs fit people of all shapes and sizes. They can accommodate individuals tall or short but max weight occupancy should be kept in mind.”

Some people are concerned whether they will fit in a massage chair. Often times ex-athletes search for a massage chair for tall person, hoping to find something to that won’t make them feel like a sardine.

Chang the Chinese Giant

Zhan Shichai toured the world as “Chang the Chinese Giant” in the 19th century. He was said to be over 8 feet tall! (Photo Credit: Ralph Repo)

Each massage chair is different and the capacity of each should be determined on a case by case basis. There are massage chairs that tall people can use.  Here are a few things you should be aware of.

The SMC-6850 has rollers that are long enough for individuals up to 6′ 8″ tall. You can view this chair here. You can find out what dimensions to pay attention to below.

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The SMC-6850 – The Best Massage Chair Under $3000 I HT Blog

UPDATE: The SMC-6850 has undergone some significant improvements in its hardware, its functionality, and its appearance. We’ve even made it more comfortable with better upholstering, and we’ve increased its longevity with improved stitching methods and assembly. We released the SMC-6850 Version 2 at the end of September. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the original version of the SMC-6850, and with the extensive improvements made to the chair, we can no longer offer the SMC-6850 at such a low price. For more details on the new price and new features of the SMC-6850, please visit the product page.

We are keeping this blog post on the site, as it still highlights some of the best features of the chair. The chair is no longer available for less than $3000.

“Discover the best massage chair under $3000 through careful analysis.”

Many companies including Panasonic, Osaki, and Infinity all make some of the best massage chairs on the market. Granted prices will vary, this article will point out why the SMC-6850 is the best massage chair under $3000.

SMC-6850 from Super Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chair under $3000

The SMC-6850 is the best massage chair under $3000. Visit Product Page>.

Superior Massage Chairs was founded 14 years ago and has since remained a sizeable competitor in the massage chair industry. Years ago, Hi Tech Massage Chairs used to carry all of the most popular brands like Inada, Human Touch, and Osaki. Since then, we’ve ceased to carry but one massage chair and here’s why.

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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Used Massage Chair

Shopping for a massage chair may lead you to wonder whether or not you should consider purchasing a used model. While it’s always nice to have a brand new massage chair, there are those of us that would like to save money by going with a used massage chair.

As with any large ticket item, you’ll want to approach the chair with caution. Inspect the chair for any damage whether big or small. See how much the owner knows about the chair. This will be a tell-tale sign of whether the chair has been taken care of and whether it may have some hidden problems below the surface.

Used massage chairs

(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Massage Chair

What’s the Warranty

Even though if you purchase a used massage chair, you can have the manufacturer’s warranty pass over to the new owner. In the case of Inada massage chairs, you MUST have the transaction mediated by an authorized seller. This is different from years in the past so it’s something to keep in mind.

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