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Feeling the effects of a good ol’ massage will likely have you feeling a little sleepy but is it bad to sleep in a massage chair? Believe it or not, some people actually purchase a massage chair with the intention of sleeping on it. Although I love the feel of those robotic rollers massaging away the knots in my lower back, I’m not sure you would want to sleep in them. But that’s just me personally, I have a thing for my big comfy bed. However, there are many circumstances in which it would make sense for somebody to sleep in a massage chair and here’s a few of them.

  • Sleeping on an incline can help reduce snoring.
  • When recovering from surgery, some people are unable to lay flat on their back for certain reasons
  • Severe neck and/or back pain that makes you unable to lay flat
Man sleeping in a massage chair

Just ask this guy how he likes sleeping in a massage chair. You might have to tap him to wake him up! Get a laugh out of some of these reactions.

Sleeping in a massage chair is not bad for you and in certain cases, it can actually improve your overall well-being and comfort. Here are a few things to think about when searching for a chair that will be comfortable to sleep in.

Is It Bad to Sleep in a Massage Chair?

Rollers – Chances are if you’re sleeping in a massage chair, you’re going to turn off the rollers and the heat function. It might sound relaxing to sleep with the rollers going but all that motion will make it hard to sleep for extended periods of time (to each his own). That being said, you’ll want to take into consideration the resting point of the rollers when the chair is off. Are they poking out, are they right at your head, do they create an uneven surface for your back? These are all things you want to think about when deciding which chair is best for your needs. An uneven sleeping platform can leave your body feeling stiff and out of alignment.

Adjustable Ottomans – Some massage chairs have a convertible ottoman that reverses into a calf massage station. This is a nice little feature that will make your legs more comfortable while you sleep. It will feel a lot more like a reclining chair instead of a massage chair. With the typical ottoman, the wells are made to wrap around your calves/feet for the purpose of the massage. Having your feet held in place isn’t the most comfortable thing while you’re trying to sleep. Another feature that you can look for is an adjustable ottoman like the one on the SMC-6850.

Side Sleepers – Most people tend to move around when thy’re sleeping. It’s rare that you’ll actually stay in one position the entire night. While you’re using a massage chair, you’re typically only in one position; a seated and reclined position. Because of this you want the chair to mimic the closest thing to a flat bed. Some massage chairs recline further than others so you want to verify this specification with the manufacturer. You’ll want at least 170 degrees of recline (180 is completely flat).

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Sleeping with the Massage Chair On is a “No No”

Sleeping with the massage chair on is not a good idea. A long massage, say for an hour or so, will make your body feel good. Sleeping all night for 8 hours with the massage going and you’re almost guaranteed to wake up wondering what hit you. You can sleep in the chair, just turn the massaging and heat functions off. It’s ill advised to leave the heating elements on overnight. This will burn out your chair faster and could pose a possible safety hazard.

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