Stress, Your Body, and Massage

Stress is one of the leading causes of health complications of the modern world. Though it may be detrimental to one’s general well-being, it is even more taxing on your body.

Stress releases a chemical called adrenaline into your bloodstream, that puts your entire body in fight-or-flight mode. Though advantageous during a life-or-death situation, keeping your body at a prolonged state of stress causes muscles to fatigue from prolonged tension, oxygen deprivation in your extremities and can even wear out your joints from being locked and ready to flee at the slightest sign of danger.

A generally simple, yet effective solution to chronic stress in our lives is to use massage therapy as a way to relax our bodies and improve our state of mind.

English: Thai Massage

A good Thai Massage like the one pictured is a great way to relieve stress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Massage therapy increases the flow of oxygen to joints and deeper muscles in the lower back and legs by pushing blood through normally closed capillaries, increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body. With increased circulation, tissues are delivered more nutrients and oxygen, relieving the cause of the pain one experiences after a long, stressful day. Not only that, massage therapy also releases endorphins, natural pain relievers that not only relieves the pain from stress, but also generally improves your well-being.

It may be difficult to eliminate the stress from your lifestyle, but having a regular routine of massage therapy can help alleviate the aches and pain that accummulate with stress, while improving your general well-being.

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