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Hello Jerry. Just wanted to let you know that we received the Superior Massage Chair and are very happy with it. It is by far the best massage chair I have ever used. After the massage session was over I didn't want to get out of it. We had no trouble putting it together thanks to your video. Thanks for providing such a great massage chair. Happy Holidays!
- Katharine

The Superior massage chair is a perfect fit for active people. I play in several sports leagues and I tend to get a few bumps and bruises along the way. It is so nice to come home after a game and hope into my massage chair to work out all the kinks. There is nothing like the complete relaxation that comes from a chair that knows how to hit all of the right acupressure points after a tough game. Probably the best purchase I have made in awhile!!
- Stanley

The first thing I noticed about this massage chair is how intuitive it was to my body. It goes right for the muscles, making it easy to just let the chair do its magic without having to adjust yourself. This creates an incredibly comfortable and relaxing experience. The chair is also remarkably quiet, which is a definite plus when you want to relax. I am very satisfied with this chair!
- Allen

I am glad that I decided to go with the superior chair. It looks great in my living room, it gives strong massage and adjustable so my wife can use it as well. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase.
- Diego

I suffer from a lot of chronic muscle pain caused by excessive tension in my neck and shoulders, mostly located in my traps and the base of my neck. I like getting a real massage, but it gets so expensive, and my muscle pains keep flaring up - which means more and more money down the drain. I decided I didn't want to waste a small fortune on weekly massage sessions so I got a Osaki massage chair from HiTechMassageChairs.com. It's really a thing of beauty; after a good 20 minute session I feel awesome, my blood is flowing smoothly, and the chair really beats the tension out of my muscles. I've never been this relaxed, and for such an affordable rate. Thanks a lot guys!
- Ryan B

All muscle ache, pain, soreness, knot, etc. feel much better after a solid 10 minutes of use. This is a wonderful thing to own and use. In summary: Heaven in a chair!
- Wayne

I tried massage chairs a few years ago, but I was hesitant to buy one now for two reasons... I was worried that it would take away from my home decor, and also that it would be too loud. I bought the Osaki OS-7000 4 months ago and I can tell you without a doubt that my fears were alleviated. I have got nothing but compliments from friends and family who have visited and seen the Osaki's sleek design and black finish. And not only is the Osaki not loud, but it has a complete stereo system built into it so I can listen to my favorite songs. I highly recommend this to anyone considering buying a massage chair.
- Dale

Having the Superior massage chair in my living room in front of the tv is amazing! It's like being in a luxury movie theater...right in my own home where my mind and body can be relaxed after a long day of work. I am truly satisfied with this spectacular chair!.
- Cindy

Buying things online this expensive freaks me out a little bit but I am more than happy I took the risk and purchased this massage chair. The massage is excellent and the 3D massage rollers do make for a better massage than other chairs I have tried. The leg and foot massage/stretching features are really neat and sure are nice at the end of the day. Have not used the heat yet but I am sure in winter it will be nice to cozy up the massage chair every night for a massage before bed.
- Tiffany

Thank you Hitech! I received my new superior massage chair yesterday and spent an hour in it before going to bed last night. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep immediately upon hitting my pillow and slept like a baby all night. I am excited to play with all the features and learn more about the chair but so far I am very pleased with the programs I tried.
- Erin